Strings.  Globalism.  Overreach.

Strings Attached
Government funds ALWAYS come with "accountability" aka strings.
MoScholars Strings for Homeschools
Scholarship = homeschool requirements
MO Scholars Educational Scholarship Account (ESA) was approved in 2021 as Missouri's first toe into the waters of school choice.  For qualified homeschoolers to have access to scholarship funds, those homeschools are now required to submit a homeschool certification which includes submitting curriculum plans, and get background checks for every adult over 18 living in their home. background checks These homeschool students are also now required to take a standardized achievement test.

These rules regarding homeschoolers were added by the State Treasurer's office after the legislation was passed.  Like so many other things, giving bureaucrat offices the ability to create rules means imposition of regulations our citizens don't want and our elected officials have no voice in creating.  This is a MAJOR problem with school choice.

The State has proven they WILL attach strings to school choice funds.  They've already done it with our homeschools and we can expect that to continue and the overreach to grow larger.

Private Schools in Danger
Accountability "STRINGS" WILL be required
We already know the homeschoolers participating in Missouri's only school choice option were saddled with new requirements.  The strings will also be attached to private schools.  

One example of this is private schools that take the federal funds for lunches and/or milk for their students.  When a private school accepts lunch money from the feds, they are required to follow fed rules.  

The same will hold true for Missouri school choice funds.  Where exactly will the accountability come and when?  We can't know for certain, but given the culture of today and DESE's current standards - we can safely assume that things like comprehensive sex education, affirming LGBTQ+ ideology, etc.

What happens to our private Christian schools when these types of rules are imposed?  Do they stand on their principles or take the money?

When you take public funds, you are no longer a private entity.  

No More School Choice in MO
We strongly oppose any further school choice options 
Although the politicians promise that you'll get to "choose where your tax dollars go" in regard to choosing the school your child attends, they are not telling you... 

  • that the Mo Dept of Education or the State Treasurer's office will write the rules you'll have to follow & no one knows what those will be
  • what will happen to public schools when their budgets diminish because students are leaving
  • what happens to private schools or the students in those schools when new rules are imposed and they can no longer accept those funds
  • your "choice" will be reduced to their list of approved vendors & schools